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V-A-S 2015 Photo Competition

I would like to say well done and thank you to all the winners and V-A-S members for entering the 2015 V-A-S Photo Competition.

Once again after a very successful and packed VAS Photo Competition meeting (29th March 2016) we have added the winning entrees to our website for members that could not make it to the meeting.

The level of quality in entrees it is getting better each year, with more and more members taking part to have their photos displayed at RAF Valley and have them viewed by all RAF personnel which also pick the winning photos for each category.

If you would like to take part in the 2016 VAS Photo Competition, contact me (Jim LeCras) for further information. Details can be found on the about us page.

Could you please enclose a SAE (self addressed envelope with stamp) if you wish to have your photos returned to you through the Royal Mail.


vas trophy's

2015 V-A-S Trophy Winner's


Low Level Flying Category

mike cleary trophy

Low Level
(The Mike Cleary Trophy)

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low level 1st

First: Mr John  Hardern

low level 2nd

Second: Mr Martin Thomas

low level 3rd

Third: Mr Merion Williams


Flying Category

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flying 1st

First: Mr Steve Cheeseman

flying 2nd

Second: Mr Gareth Jones

flying 3rd

Third: Mr Brian Houlgrave


RAF Valley Category

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valley 1st

First: Mr John  Davies

valley 2nd

Second: Mr Mike Grundy

valley 3rd

Third: Mr Cyril S Jones


Static Category

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static 1st

First: Mr Mike Grundy

static 2nd

Second: Mr John Hardern

static 3rd

Third: Mr Jon Pinnington


Warbird Category
The Steve Watson Warbird Trophy

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warbirds 1st

First: Mr Jon Pinnington

warbirds 2nd

Second: Mr Bodzio Zawistowicz

warbirds 3rd

Third: Mr Bodzio Zawistowicz


Best Overall
Tim Hargreaves Trophy

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overall 1st

Winner: Mr John Hardern


Dolphin Trophy
Fast Jet Pilot's 4 FTS, RAF Valley


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dolphin 1st

Winner: Mr Meirion Williams



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