Valley Aviation

Valley Aviation Society Personal Information Agreement

Protection of Personal Information

The Valley Aviation Society for the purposes of the administration of the society holds personal information. The information held relating to members is the information supplied by that member through the initial application form to join the society, and subsequently given for raffles, competitions, or promotions and by application to attend such events as Enthusiast's day, base visit and society organised trips to air shows etc.

This information may be held by the Society in a written and/or electronic format and will not be sold or divulged to an external source or third party, except where specifically needed such as for security clearance such as base visits.

A member’s application to attend a base meeting or trip automatically signals that member’s acceptance for the Valley Aviation Society to divulge any information supplied by the member to the necessary authorities to gain entrance to that event.

Some or all of the information given by a member will be used and held by the membership secretary, the editor, webmaster, trip and event organiser, or any bona fide committee member requiring that information in the course of conducting Valley Aviation Society business.

The information will be limited to name, address, DoB, car/vehicle details, contact telephone numbers, and e mail address.

A member can at any time request that some or all the personal information be removed from all Valley Aviation Society records but should be aware that this may curtail membership, prevent attendance to social evenings, trips and events.










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