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Please fill your details before you print the page.Once printed, Please post the form with Stamped Self Address Envelope and your membership payment to:
V-A-S Membership Secretary
John Hardern, 12 Broadways, Audlem, Crewe, Cheshire CW3 0EY

Please make all payments to: Valley Aviation Society

Full Membership £12.00 per year

The individual will be entitled to full access to the website/forum, online portfolio on the V-A-S galleries, entry to the V-A-S enthusiast day, priority reservations for all events and trips organized by the Society at a discounted rate, free entry to social meetings at indicated venues, free entry to the annual photo competition.

Associate Membership £6.00 per year

This type of membership is for an individual who must be a partner, immediate Family member or a close friend of a Full Member, they will not have voting rights but will receive all other benefits applicable to a Full member. (Associate member must provide the full name of the full member)


Full Name:
Full Address:
Date of Birth:

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Name of Full Member:

(Only applicable for Associate Membership)

I Agree that the Valley Aviation Society holds the above information for membership related matters. This information may be held by the Society in a written and/or electronic format and will not be sold or divulged to an external source or third party, except where specifically needed such as for security clearance such as base visits or events. READ MORE

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Welcome to Valley Aviation Society

We are grateful for your support for this year and hope that you have a great time and choose to rejoin us next year.  If you have any problems whilst member(s) please contact one of the moderators whose addresses you will find at the end of this letter.
Your annual membership allows you access to the following activities;-

  1. Full access to our website,, which includes the two sections only open to full members and their associates.
  2. Apply for your own album in the galleries section of the website, this is the most visited area of our website and regularly over 100,000 users access the site each year to view your photographs. You can also add photos to our Forum via an external host such as Flikr amongst many others. There are instructions in all the relevant sections.
  3. Free entry for you and your associates/Family members to our monthly meetings usually held at the Carreg Bran Hotel, Llanfair PG. The hotel nestles on the south west facing slope of the Britannia Bridge. Held on the last Tuesday of each month except July, August and December. Commencing 7:30pm for 8pm, usually ends by 10 to 10:30 pm depending on the Guest Speakers, who vary from serving aircrew at RAF Valley ( we have been lucky to have speakers on attachment to Valley from Australia, Canada, French, South Africa and of course the U.S.A/USAFE. ) We also have a wide selection of speakers from the civilian world and aviation historians.
  4. Free entry for the Full & Associates’ to enter photographs to the annual competition, entries collected in by December and they are then put on display at RAF Valley for up to six weeks and a panel of Officers act as judges for the prize giving evening which is at the social meeting in March this year, but is normally February.
  5. Entry to the Enthusiast or Photocall Day held at RAF Valley each year, a minimum donation is expected to allay costs and any remaining is handed over to either a local nominated charity or by dispersal by RAF Valleys Charity Committee.
  6. Invitation for the Full/Associate members to attend the Station Families Day, with funfair, many displays and craft stalls, and normally  the chance of the odd air display, dependant on aircraft availability.
  7. Full & Associate member(s) have priority to reserve spaces on visits to RAF Valley and other bases or stations throughout the UK.
  8. We do have a shop on the Spotters Car Park near the front gate at RAF Valley; we have a selection of plastic and die-cast models, Squadron apparel and memorabilia for sale at reasonable prices. This is a non profit shop as all proceeds once running cots have been deducted are then presented to the RAF Valleys Charity Committee for dispersal to local worthy causes.

How to get the best of the website

The main page of the website has a number of options for you, if you scroll down you will see a schedule of guest speakers, events throughout the year. You will see several page headings; by pressing on NEWS you will see articles from RAF Valley or notable events by the Society. The most popular section is GALLLERIES, by pressing on this button or icon you are taken to the Gallery Page then click on the page and the most recent photographs can be seen, you will see the page numbers in the bottom right hand corner to go further back.
Be patient as there are several thousand photographs going back some years. You can also click on an individual members Album and view the images.

The FORUM button takes you to our interactive board which includes movements at RAF Valley/Mona, Low Level photography in the Welsh Mountains, advice on photography, modelling, scanning aircraft receivers, civil photography, and a general photography section.
This is an interactive area so please join in discussions, you do not have to be a FULL member to access the majority of the Forums sections, but the bottom two categories are only open to those identified as Full/Associate members, one section is a general news and discussion section whilst the others covers Historical Archives for North Wales.

For a Full/Associate member applying to have your own Album in the Galleries please contact the moderator(s) with your full name, first line of your address and unique membership number. Please note that if you fail to renew membership your album will be frozen for three months to give you opportunity to rejoin or accept that we will remove the album if you fail to make contact. Once you have been accepted by the moderator you will be given a user name and password to give you access then follow the prompts on screen. There is a full PDF guide for you on the galleries page.

You can view the Forum pages, but to interact or upload you will need to register simply click on the ‘register’ button and follow the steps and you will normally be contacted by a moderator(s) within a day or so.

When you have signed up to the Valley Aviation Society forum, as either a “New Member” or a “Newly Registered Member” your username/ call sign will appear in black print. When you become a fully paid up member of Valley Aviation Society you are now eligible to become a full member and your username/ call sign will become bold green print. However, you will need to notify the moderator that you are now a fully paid up member by contacting me on this address,  All I ask you to do is send me an e-mail that includes your new full membership number and your full name. I would like you to remember is that I as with all the other members of the committee, we have working and private lives so please bear with us as very occasionally I might be outside of either 3G, 4G signal or just not be near a computer with internet access. Usually I will be able to upgrade you to full member within a few minutes.

             You can also join us on our facebook page,  “ Valley Aviation Society “


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